Harvey Woolfe
Born in Cardiff, Harvey studied PPE and worked for BBC World Service and later BBC Current Affairs. As a freelance producer, he made current affairs programmes and documentaries for the BBC, Granada and Channel Four. He has been running Evans Woolfe Media for twenty years.

Rhonda Evans
Born in South Yorkshire, Rhonda trained as a journalist on the Blackpool Evening Gazette, based in the Fish City (Fleetwood) district office. She also worked in daily news in local radio in Newcastle before joining the BBC Documentary department. She then freelanced, making documentary films for both the BBC and Channel Four. Latterly she's specialised in education, working extensively overseas, shooting her own films.

Dominic Sant
From Ipswich (though not Ipswich born) Dominic represents the new generation of multimedia literate individuals. He is the organisational backbone of Evans Woolfe Media.